Six Creative minds, 12 Calloused Hands!


What happens when you get six talented, creative men under one roof…great design!

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Peter and Alice Mennacher’s BlizzMax Gallery in South Bay, curator Peter Blendell called together a group of skilled designers and carpenters from the area and put together a well designed show. The old barn that is Blizzmax gallery was filled to the rafters with locals and tourists to see this wonderful show to the back drop of music by BluZone. The show featured  a large, beautiful table by Colm MacCool owner of MacCool’s Reuse in Bloomfield along with an ex-mircobiologist turned carpenter Brian Woods, who produced stunning designs in cherry and ash. Cherry Valley resident, renowned sculptor John Mckinnon produced work in glass and metal along with a lamp made from a barn shaped metal bird-cage.  Another Cherry Valley resident Glen Wallis showcased a table aptly named ‘Table Scraps” made from left over items from other jobs along with a bed made from re-claimed barn board from an old barn in Cherry Valley. The show also included work by the curator of the show Peter Blendell, a well-known visual artist turned carpenter and designer along with Peter Mennacher,  one of the gallery owners, an award-winning printmaker known for his etchings, who produced numerous wood sculptures for the show.  Peter who is Munich born and an ex-lawyer turned artist produced one piece that has 22,000 pieces that have been laminated together.


The show continues until August 31st.
BlizzMax Gallery,  3071 County Road 13

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