Compositions Show opens at the Tall Poppy!

 Wallis’ show COMPOSITIONS opens at the Tall Poppy Cafe in Wellington, Ontario and runs till January 2nd 2015.

Wallis enjoys experimenting with different materials and processes whenever he gets the chance. Mixed Media holds a natural attraction for him as a result. A graduate of the University of British Columbia with a diploma in Art History along with a degree in sociology, Glen lives in a house in which all members of the family are engaged in the arts including his wife, encaustic artist Susan Wallis.

Glen is committed to increasing his artistic output in the coming year and enjoys spending more time on works that explore the connection between art and mass production fabrication.  Inspired by the Russian born, American Sculptor Louise Nevelson’s work of the mid 20th century, Wallis uses discarded objects and cast-off scraps in these recycled sculptural works. Commissioned wall compositions also included specific items provided by clients. Using variations of the cube as the groundwork for his compositions, Wallis creates notable wall-like, collage driven reliefs. Wallis’s work will also be on display for the first time during the Interior Design Show in Toronto January 22-25th 2015.


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